Special Order Beads


My passion is for making sculptural pieces.  I love it when customers have ideas of their own that they want me to make.  There are several ways you can request a special order bead.  




Copycat Bead

   So you spotted a bead of mine on Ebay that you loved, but it was not the right color or breed, you can simply request me to make one the way you wish.  (I will not make one exactly the same.  My beads are one of a kind)


Your Pet as a Bead

  You would like a bead of your pet or a friends pet.  Send me a couple pictures and describe how you would like the animal to seated or standing.

A Bead from Your Imagination

Send me a drawing you, a friend or a child has made and I will do my best to represent it in a bead form.

Prices vary for custom orders on the size and difficulty of the bead.  I will give you a quote but you don't have to pay until I email you pictures of the finished bead.

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